Strain Information

Country Italy Deposited By Moretti
List ID Original isolation (Single spore / hyphae) 1
Species Fgraminearum Location Macerata, Italy
Chemotype 15ADON Cultivar Unknown
Year 0 Method of Isolation Fusarium selective media (Nelson et al. 1983)
Crop Wheat Collection(s)
Precrop Unknown Coordinates X: 13.53771
Y: 43.33186
Method for species determination sequencing EF1alpha (primers EF1_EF2), β_tubulin (primers βt2a_T22) , histone 3 (primers H3_1a_H3_1b), trichothecene 3_O acetyltransferase (primers AT1_AT2) Strain ID (old identification number) 4578

Other Information

chemotype determined with Wang 2008 et al. and Quarta et al 2006 method: 15ACDON; NCBI sequence ID for TRI101, translation elongation factor 1 alpha, Histone H3: LT549655, LT549748, LT549841

Cited in Publication(s)

Somma et al 2014 CROP & PASTURE SCIENCE

Miscellaneous information

Submited by for Luxembourg Institute of Science & Technology laboratory on 26/05/2016.