Strain Information

Country Italy Deposited By Balmas_Migheli
List ID Original isolation (Single spore / hyphae) 1
Species Fculmorum Location Stintino, Sassari, Italy
Chemotype 3ADON Cultivar Unknown
Year 2013 Method of Isolation Fusarium selective media (Nelson et al. 1983)
Crop other_poaceae Collection(s) Strain collection of the “Centro per la Conservazione e Valorizzazione della Biodiversità Vegetale”, University of Sassari, Italy and in the mycological collection at LIST, Luxembourg.
Precrop Unknown Coordinates X: 8.22378
Y: 40.853034
Method for species determination morphological identification and EF1alpha sequencing Strain ID (old identification number) PVS_Fu_415

Cited in Publication(s)

Balmas et al 2015, Plant Pathology

Miscellaneous information

Submited by for Luxembourg Institute of Science & Technology laboratory on 26/05/2016.