Strain Information

Country Italy Deposited By Balmas_Migheli
List ID Original isolation (Single spore / hyphae) 1
Species Fculmorum Location Sedini, Sassari, Italy
Chemotype 3ADON Cultivar Karalis
Year 2013 Method of Isolation Fusarium selective media (Nelson et al. 1983)
Crop Wheat Collection(s) Strain collection of the “Centro per la Conservazione e Valorizzazione della Biodiversità Vegetale”, University of Sassari, Italy and in the mycological collection at LIST, Luxembourg.
Precrop Unknown Coordinates X: 8.803326
Y: 40.86333
Method for species determination morphological identification and EF1alpha sequencing Strain ID (old identification number) PVS_Fu_431

Other Information

chemotype 3ADON: NCBI ID: KJ999872

Cited in Publication(s)

Balmas et al 2015, Plant Pathology

Miscellaneous information

Submited by for Luxembourg Institute of Science & Technology laboratory on 26/05/2016.