Strain Information

Country Finland Deposited By Yli_Mattila
List ID Original isolation (Single spore / hyphae) 1
Species Fgraminearum Location Isokyrö, Finland
Chemotype 3ADON Cultivar Vinjett
Year 2002 Method of Isolation
Crop Wheat Collection(s) NRRL45844
Precrop Unknown Coordinates X: 22.325
Y: 63
Method for species determination Luminex multilocus genotyping, Fg11f/r primers, morphology Strain ID (old identification number) 02_03

Other Information

Luminex multilocus genotyping, GzTri7f1/r1 primers, 3ACDON

Cited in Publication(s)

Yli_Mattila et al. 2009, Yli_Mattila and Gagkaeva 2010

Miscellaneous information

Submited by for Luxembourg Institute of Science & Technology laboratory on 26/05/2016.